Upvc white fix window can be of any shape and size and are the most energy efficient windows. These are used where space is much and one need good level of sunlight and don’t require ventilation.

Item Type: Window

Model Number: FW_UW_FIX

Brand Name: Fortune Windows

Material:  UPVC

Color: White


The glass can be used in these windows can be 5 mm toughen glass or more.

These windows come in different size and shape also these are most efficient type of windows.

 These windows provide natural light into your home or room and save your money.


These windows are mostly used in hotels lobby, hotels window where space is large, it is used for safety purpose and gives outside view.

The standard size: 4*4 sq ft and customized  

Min Price: Rs. 400 sq ft

Max Price: Rs. 1000 sq ft


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Upvc white fix window