The Upvc 2 track laminated window is used for more open space when it is needed. This window comes with 2 panels of toughen glass which is mostly used in balconies. These windows give full ventilation and view of outside.

Item Type: Window

Model Number: FW_ULW_2T

Brand Name: Fortune Windows

Material:  UPVC

Color: Oak, Dark Oak, Black, Golden Oak


The 2 track sliding window has smooth sliding rollers on the metal tracks for easy operation.

These windows come with variety of locks as single locking and multiple locking points.

This window has 5 mm, 6mm; 8mm toughen glass used for clear view of outside.


These windows are mostly in houses in the main hall and in the hotels and also in commercial buildings.

The standard size: 4*4 sq ft and customized  

Min Price: Rs. 750 sq ft

Max Price: Rs. 1000 sq ft


Black, Blue, Yellow






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Upvc laminated 2 track window