Frameless Glass Double Doors are fully made from glass; such doors don’t have any outer frame. The design on glass can be of different types and of the different processes; they can be transparent, frozen, or reflective. Such doors don’t need any repainting on its surface, as it has a glossy surface area. The glass doors are durable, strong, efficient, and long-lasting.

Item Type: Door

Model Number: FW_FGD_DOUBLE

Brand Name: Fortune Windows

Material:  Glass

Color: transparent, frozen. Designer


Such doors are attached with hinges that are placed at 4 corners of both the door panels.

This door comes in many different sizes and designs which can be varied as per the customers.

The thickness of the glass can be 10 mm, 12 mm, or 15 mm.

These doors move on Floor Machines at the bottom and Pivot at the top of both the panels


Frameless glass double door is best suited for offices, malls, commercial places, or apartments.

The standard size: 7*7/ 8*8 sq ft

Min Price: Rs. 350/- sq ft

Max Price:  Rs. 650/- sq ft


Grey, Red


L, M


Crepe, Denim, Interlock, Organza, Satin, Voile


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Frameless Glass Double Door