Glass Glazing of Aluminum is the phenomenon of glass bonding with an aluminium frame that has a high performance of silicone sealant and has high strength. Glazing is done on the surface of the frame which is made of aluminum. This glass is fixed in the frame either with tape or sealant.

Item Type: Aluminium Glass Glazing

Model Number: FW_AG_G

Brand Name: Fortune Windows

Material:  Aluminium

Color: blue, black or any other choice


This is used to look mostly in building to attract people.

It has a pipe with silicone which protects the glass from heat and water

For fixing frame fastener is used

Suggestions: building and office

The standard size: 3*3 sq ft

Min Price: Rs. 240/- sq ft

Max Price: Rs. 550/- sq ft




L, M, S, XL




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Aluminium Glass Glazing